Meetings & Announcements 

On the 1st Wednesdays of each month we will be starting a Scrapbook Club.  It starts at 2:00pm at the Extension Office.  Bring your lunch.  Bring your paper, ideas, and join us a we learn something each month. 

  • June 5th-Adulting 101 Series at the Bath County Extension Office, 6pm.  The first program is Cooking 101.  We will be learning how to cut, dice, and boil an egg.  Participants will also be making a meal from scratch.  This class is open to all ages, but children younger than 9 needs to be accompanied by an adult.  This is sure to be fun. 
  • June 5th-Walking for Wellness.  Join us every Monday at the Sharpsburg Community Center or on Thursday's at the Owingsville Elementary School.  Program starts at 8:30am both days.  Join our weekly walking group and start a fitness journey to a healthier life.  Attend atleast 7 walking groups and be entered into a drawing for a fitness tracker.  Everyone who participates gets a free pedometer and a water bottle.
  • June 15th-Family Mealtime at the Bath County Extension Office at 6pm.  Join us as we will learn recipes that you can cook once and eat twice, cook meals with five or less ingredients, use make-ahead meals, and plan meals in advance.  Also, you will be introduced to ideas and fun activities to do with your family during the meal. 
  • June 19th-Cook Thru The Calendar 10:30am & 5:30pm.  The 10:30 class is at the Extension Office.  The 5:30 class is at the library.  Join us this month as we prepare Mac & Cheese Surprise.  This class includes learning more about how to stay active at any stage of life, a nutrition lesson, and preparing a full meal. 
  • June 21st-Keys to Embracing Aging, 10am-Library-The Third session of Keys to Embracing Aging is to incorporate physical activity into your daily life.  No matter your size, shape or age, a physically active lifestyle throughout your lifespan is one of the most important things you can do for your health and overall well being.  This class was so much fun last month. 
  • June 22nd-Day Camp 9am-3:00pm at the Bath County Extension Office.  This class is free.  Participants will make iterms they can be proud to display in the fair, or in your own home.  We will also be making our own lunch. 

Please Call 606-674-6121 to sign up for any of the classes listed above.

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