Meetings & Announcements 

On the 1st Wednesdays of each month we will be starting a Scrapbook Club.  It starts at 2:00pm at the Extension Office.  Bring your lunch.  Bring your paper, ideas, and join us a we learn something each month. 

  • February 9th-Couch Potato program at the Extension office at 10am&5:30pm-Join us for our new program, Couch Potato.  It is a 12 week program with only 3 meetings.  We will be trying healthy snacks, exercising together, and motivating one another to lead heathier lives.
  • February 13th-Spa Day 10am & 5:30pm at the Extension office-Join us as we learn the importance of a healthy diet, learn relaxation methods for increased positive attitude, and create spa treatments at home.  This fun class is taught by Thays Flores, FCS Agent from Estil County.  This would be a great time for all generations of the family!!
  • February 15th-1:30pm at the Extension office-Savvy Sellers Leader Lesson-This lesson helps you to identify what and how to sell your items for cash, as well as planning a yard sale or other needs.
  • February 28th-10:30am at the Extension office- We will prepare Easy Italian Ziti.

Please Call 606-674-6121 to sign up for any of the classes listed above.

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