Meetings & Announcements 

On the 1st Wednesdays of each month we will be starting a Scrapbook Club.  It starts at 2:00pm at the Extension Office.  Bring your lunch.  Bring your paper, ideas, and join us a we learn something each month. 

  • February 6- Cooking Around the World 10am & 5:30pm at the Bath County Extension Office.  Ever want to travel the world just to taste the wonderful food?  Want to do something different?  Join us for our new program! The third country we will be exploring will be Bali, Indonesia.  We will explore their culture, habits, prepare the food they eat. 
  • February 7-Keys to Embracing Aging 10am at the Library.  The 11th session of Keys to Embracing Aging is on learning more about sleep.  These sessions are open to all ages, have been so much fun, and we learn a lot.
  • February 12- Vision Board Workshop 5:30pm at the Bath County Extension Office.  Ever wonder what a vision board is?  Or how to create one ot achieve your goals?  Join us at the the Bath County Extension Office as we create this powerful tool to achieve personal, financial, health, and relational goals!  You bring magazines, pictures, scissors and we'll provide the food, fellowship, and all other materials! 
  • February 20-Downsizing your Home Leader Lesson at 10am at the Bath County Extension Office.  Downsizing a home is an increasingly popular trend among homeowners.  Downsizing to a smaller home offers homeowners a number of advantages, including less maintenance and significant savings on utilities, taxes, and insurance.  It's also appealing as it allows for the realization of retirement goals, a simplified lifestyle and to live closer to family.  Join us as we learn the simple steps to downsizing your home!
  • February 20-Keys to Great Parenting at 5:30pm at the Owingsville Elementary School.  Join us for this program that focuses on giving parents essential skills that will be beneficial for all parents to advance their child-rearing skills.  Parents will get tips on taking care of themselves, childhood milestones, reading to their child, and activities to do with their children at any age.  There will be childcare services available!  Parents attending sessions will get a chance to win gas cards, iPads, and more! Free program!!!


Please Call 606-674-6121 to sign up for any of the classes listed above.

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