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We will be conducting its first meeting soon.  Keep informed.

Meetings & Announcements

Wildcat Archery team meets every Wednesday, 6pm, Crossroads Elementary Gym.  If you bow hunt or just like to shoot 3d/target, this team will help you become more efficient.  The shooting disciplines that youth can shoot are Target, Bow Hunter, Compound Bare, and Bare Recurve/Long Bow.  New members are welcomed to join.  The coaches of this team have over 25 years plus of experience in Archery to share with 4-her's and family.  This 4-h team is consisted of youth ages 7 to 18 (if the youth is under 9 they must have a sibling 9 or older on the team too).  To be a member of this team, you must have your own archery equipment due to each youth must be fitted and familiar with their own bow, etc.  If you would like to register for the team, you can call 606-674-6121 to speak with Terence or come to one of the announced meetings.  The team max number of participation is 25 due to safety guidelines, but spots are filling quickly, so don't hesitate to call. 

4-H Rabbit & Poultry Clubs:  If you like learning about and/or caring for Rabbits or Poultry, 4-h has a couple of clubs that assist youth and families with learning, raising, and giving them resources.  Club efforts and meetings will be starting up soon.  If you are interested in joining the 4-h Rabbit Club or Poultry Club, call Terence at 606-674-6121 to get more information.

  •  Monday, March 6th, 5:30pm at the Bath County Extension Office- If you are interested in being part of a council that plans, evaluates, and implements our county's 4-H program, than you are invited to attend our meetings.  Youth and adults are welcome.  We meet quarterly at the Extension Office.
  • Saturday, March 11th, 9:00am at the Bath County Extension Office-  Diamond H Saddle Club Meeting.  Youth ages 5-18 interested in learning about horses through clinics, trips, lessons, and more are welcome to join this saddle club.  A potential 4-Her doesn't have to own or know how to ride a horse to be part of this club.  During March trip we will be traveling to Boyd County Fairgrounds to attend a clinic to learn many parts of horse care, riding, feeding, etc.  If you are interested in attending this trip with our Saddle Club members, you must call 606-674-6121 to speak with Terence on becoming a member.
  • May 30th-June 2nd 4-H Summer Camp- If you are looking forward to the summer or ready to start planning your summer acitivities then you need to mark your calendar for 4-H Summer Camp.  4-H camp will be at North Central 4-H camp in Carlisle, KY.  This year, Bath County will be camping with three counties (Boyd, Carter, and Greenup) so that means more youth from Bath county will be able to attend, meet, or catch up with old friends from past camping years.  Be looking for posters and other information on how you can pick up camp forms and register.  If you are interested in attending camp there are numerous payment options to assure you or family member will be able to go.  If you would like to know more about concerning activities, camp leadership opportunities, cost, etc. Please contact Terence at 606-674-6121.

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